Discover Why Over 10,000 Pharmacies are Using Pharmapod for Incident Management

Presenters: Lizzie Hagen & David Coleman

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The Pharmapod Solution is a smart, intuitive and profession-specific platform that enables pharmacists to systematically record medication-related incidents and risks in practice and carry out effective root-cause analysis.

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Incident Reporting & Incident Management
CQI Tools and Resources
Standard Operating Procedures & Policies
Case Management
Data Analytics and Reporting
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"The capability to learn from incidents is incredible, much better than it was when we used spreadsheets. We can now easily put practises into place which prevent reoccurrences. We can access Pharmapod on every device including the Alphega tablet so any member of staff can access the system quickly and easily."

Mark Stakim
Managing Director
Dalston Pharmacy

"I would highly recommend Pharmapod. The ability to integrate incident management with our SOPs in one place, whilst allowing us to analyse this information over time, ensures we are being proactive about a difficult area that we are often reluctant to talk about as a profession."

Adam Bartholomew
Pharmacy Manager
The Healthcentre Pharmacy

"Pharmapod is very user friendly, the Customer Success team are great at answering questions, and issues are resolved quickly. The system has been very useful for helping our staff identify incidents that can happen and we’ve been able to take steps to try and avoid the incidents/near misses in the future."

Sofija Bulovic
Pancea Pharmacy

Meet the speakers: Lizzie Hagen & David Coleman

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